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Chicago Road Trip

Pick an alley any alley (i like that sentence).  We picked this one in Milwaukee.  It was about 9 pm and we needed a little nightcap before we finished the last leg of our road trip.  It was dark and unassuming……We went into a door that read “International Imports and Exports.”  We FOUND it!  The Safehouse.  The Safehouse is a spy themed Bar and Restaurant tucked inconspicuously in a dark alleyway.  Through the front door was a room with only a bookshelf and an old antique switchboard.  As we entered we were probed by the young lady at the switchboard.   The password?  Emily whispered the password that she had found on the internet into the girl’s ear.

“You can’t trust everything you read on the internet” she said.

She made us do the ROBOT and as we did the bookshelf rotated revealing the dimly lit speakeasy.  Martini?

Sweet vintage store Knee Deep Vintage. I always wonder about those old photos.   Orphaned to a life of perpetual shelf shuffling.  First next to the  crocheted tiger.  Then next to the bowl of key chains full of characters like the California Raisins, (avoid the) Noid from Dominoes, and Max Headroom.  Finally placed in a frame and hung next to the cash register right next to a  sign that says “Remember the Alamo”.  Forced to listen to the Smiths “Meat is Murder” on repeat and bear witness to a constant ebb and flow of hipsters looking for that super sweet pair of cowboy boots.  Who is it in this photo?  Nobody will know.

Cute.  I wonder who those flowers are for?

WOW!  This was an awesome cafe we ate at in Madison WI!  It was called Ella’s Deli and you could play with everything – - and I did.  Ooohhhh I remember those days.  Sent to my room for breaking a window (the neighbor’s window), or riding my bike with no hands, and getting sweaty in the gym playing dodge ball.  I was a little red-headed spitfire.  I have grown up a little (just a little).   This is me around age five.

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  1. Mary Westerman
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 9:15 pm | #

    love the photos. You sure were a cute kid!

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